Monday, October 29, 2007

My Baby Shower

Last Saturday I had my Baby Shower at Bruschetta and Co. and I was so excited at how everything turned out. I had never been there, and the food and service were amazing. It was nice to see family and friends I had not seen since our wedding last year and I am thankful for the gifts they all bought for the baby not to mention all the books she already has for her library. I especially wanted to thank my mother for putting this special event together for me (She truly is the BEST!)

As promised here some photos from the Baby Shower. Enjoy!!


Manuel Cruz (grampa) said...

looking good , but Anthony should clean his face before taking the picture

C said...

You're baby shower decor and invites were an absolute a hit! The "chic"est baby shower I've ever been to! Definitely shows your attention to detail and excellent taste!

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